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Alibaba Offers: Flat 60% OFF On Consumer Electronics
Alibaba Offers: Flat 60% OFF On Consumer Electronics
Alibaba Sale: Up To 70% OFF on Gifts, Arts & Crafts
Alibaba Sale: Up To 70% OFF on Gifts, Arts & Crafts
Alibaba Sale: Up To 70% OFF on Sportswear
Alibaba Sale: Up To 70% OFF on Sportswear
Alibaba Discount: Up To 50% OFF on Beauty & Personal Care Products
Alibaba Discount: Up To 50% OFF on Beauty & Personal Care Products
Alibaba Coupon: Up to 50% OFF on Home & Garden
Alibaba Coupon: Up to 50% OFF on Home & Garden
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Today 90% off Alibaba Coupons, Promo Codes 2023

Today's Exclusive Alibaba Coupons Codes & Offers ListOffer DescriptionValidity
Alibaba Discount Code For Wholesale OrdersBest Prices On Genuine Leather Handbags at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Promo Code For New CustomersUp to 50% OFF items From Suppliers at Alibaba2023
Exclusive Offers On Alibaba Global TradeUp to 50% Discount On Beauty & Personal Care at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Coupon Code For Electronics ProductsUp to 40% OFF On Mobile Phones at Alibaba2023
Best Deals On Alibaba Bulk PurchasesWeekly Deals at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Discount Code For International ShippingUp to 35% Off on Alibaba2023
Alibaba Offers And Promotions For Small BusinessesLimited Time Offer: Extra 20% Off on Electronics at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Promo Codes For Clothing And ApparelMega Sale: Up to 60% Off on Fashion Accessories at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Sale On Home And Garden ProductsFlash Sale: Extra 30% Off on Home Decor at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Coupon Code Savings For Machinery And EquipmentClearance Sale: Up to 70% Off on Selected Items at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Coupon Code For 2023Exclusive Online Offer: Extra 15% Off on Health & Wellness Products at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Offers And DealsSeasonal Sale: Up to 40% Off on Outdoor Gear at Alibaba2023
Exclusive Discounts On Alibaba Wholesale ProductsNew Arrivals: Discover the Latest Products with Discounts at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Discount Code For 2023Bundle Deal: Buy 2 and Get 1 Free on Selected Items at Alibaba2023
Best Alibaba Promo CodeWholesale Discount: Special Prices for Bulk Orders at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Coupon Code Savings On Bulk OrdersDaily Deals: Limited Quantity Offers at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Offers And Promotions For International TradeStudent Discount: Extra 10% Off for Students at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Discount Codes For Business PurchasesFree Shipping on Selected Products at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Promo Codes For Free ShippingRefer a Friend and Get Discounts on Your Next Order at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Sale OnBirthday Special: Exclusive Offers on Your Special Day at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Coupon CodeTech Gadgets Sale: Up to 30% Off on Electronics at Alibaba2023
Alibaba OffersHome Appliances Deals: Save Big on Kitchen and Home Essentials at Alibaba2023
Alibaba DealsAutomotive Sale: Discounts on Car Accessories and Parts at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Discount CodeSports and Fitness Offers: Up to 25% Off on Sports Gear at Alibaba2023
Alibaba Promo CodeBaby and Kids Sale: Deals on Toys, Clothing, and Baby Essentials at Alibaba2023
Alibaba SaleFashion Sale: Up to 50% Off on Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories at Alibaba2023
Best Alibaba OffersTools and Hardware Discounts: Savings on DIY Tools and Equipment at Alibaba2023
Alibaba DiscountsOffice Supplies Sale: Up to 35% Off on Stationery and Office Products at Alibaba2023
Alibaba PromotionsJewelry and Watches Offers: Discounts on Fine Jewelry and Timepieces at Alibaba2023
Alibaba SavingsOutdoor and Camping Deals: Up to 40% Off on Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment at Alibaba2023

About Alibaba Coupon Code Today

Alibaba is a multinational conglomerate company based in China. It was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma and has since become one of the world's largest e-commerce companies. Alibaba operates various online platforms connecting businesses and individuals, facilitating trade and commerce domestically and internationally.
One of the key platforms operated by Alibaba is, which is a leading global wholesale trading platform. It allows businesses to buy and sell products in bulk, connecting manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors worldwide. offers various products across various categories, including electronics, fashion, home and garden, machinery, and more.
In addition to, Alibaba Group operates other platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, and AliExpress. Taobao is a popular online marketplace in China, while Tmall is a business-to-consumer platform focusing on branded products. AliExpress, on the other hand, is an international e-commerce platform that allows consumers to purchase products directly from Chinese suppliers.
By providing a convenient and efficient online marketplace, Alibaba has revolutionized how businesses operate. It has created opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to reach a global customer base and has significantly facilitated international trade. Alibaba's emphasis on innovation, technology, and customer-centric approach has made it a dominant player in the e-commerce industry.
With its vast network of suppliers, competitive pricing, and secure payment options, Alibaba has gained trust and recognition from businesses and consumers worldwide. It continues to expand its services and invest in new technologies to enhance the online shopping experience and support global trade growth.

Why Choose Alibaba?

Wide Range of Products: Alibaba offers various products across various categories. Whether you're looking for electronics, fashion, home and garden items, machinery, or other goods, Alibaba has many options.

Global Reach: Alibaba provides access to a global marketplace. It connects buyers and sellers worldwide, allowing you to source products internationally and reach a broader customer base for your business.

Competitive Pricing: Alibaba's platform encourages competition among suppliers, which can result in competitive pricing. You often find attractive product deals and discounts, making it a cost-product sale and value for consumers and businesses.

Secure Payment Options: Alibaba offers secure payment options, including its Alipay payment platform. This provides peace of mind when conducting transactions, as your financial information is protected.

Trade Assurance: Alibaba's Trade Assurance program provides additional security for buyers. It helps safeguard your payments and ensures that products are delivered as promised. In case of any disputes, Alibaba mediates between the buyer and the seller to resolve issues.

Customization and Personalization: Alibaba's platforms allow businesses to customize their online stores and showcase their products effectively. It provides tools and resources to enhance your brand presence and connect with potential customers.

Supplier Verification: Alibaba has implemented a verification system to authenticate suppliers on its platforms. This helps to establish trust and reliability when choosing suppliers for your business.

Innovative Technologies: Alibaba invests heavily in technology and innovation. It continually develops new features and services to improve the user experience and drive business growth.

Knowledge and Resources: Alibaba provides valuable resources and educational materials to support businesses in navigating the e-commerce landscape. It offers insights, market trends, and tips for optimizing your online business.

Strong Reputation: Alibaba is a well-established and reputable company in the e-commerce industry. It has gained the trust of millions of buyers and sellers worldwide, making it a reliable choice for conducting online business transactions.

Category at Alibaba

Electronics: This category includes various electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, consumer electronics, accessories, and more.

Fashion: The fashion category covers clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry, bags, and other fashion-related products for men, women, and children.

Home & Garden: This category offers a variety of home and garden products, including furniture, home decor, kitchen appliances, gardening tools, lighting, and more.

Machinery: The machinery category includes industrial machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, machine tools, manufacturing equipment, and related products.

Beauty & Personal Care: This category features cosmetics, skincare products, hair care items, personal grooming products, fragrances, and beauty accessories.

Sports & Entertainment: Here, you can find sports equipment, outdoor gear, fitness products, recreational items, games, musical instruments, and other entertainment-related products.

Automobiles & Motorcycles: This category caters to automotive needs with a wide range of vehicles, auto parts, accessories, tires, and other products.

Health & Medical: It includes healthcare products, medical equipment, surgical instruments, medical supplies, personal care items, and more.

Home Appliances: This category offers a variety of home appliances, such as kitchen appliances, laundry appliances, air conditioning systems, cleaning devices, and more.

Packaging & Printing: Here, you can find packaging materials, printing services, paper products, labels, packaging machinery, and related items.

Furniture: This category includes a range of furniture items for different purposes, including indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, office furniture, and more.

Food & Beverage: It covers various food and beverage products, including packaged food, beverages, fresh produce, snacks, ingredients, and more.

Features of Alibaba Discount Code

Alibaba only sometimes provides discount codes directly on their platform. However, they offer various promotional deals and discounts through their sellers and suppliers. Here are some key features of discounts and promotional offers on Alibaba:

Seller Discounts: Alibaba sellers often offer product discounts to attract customers. These discounts can vary in amount and are usually provided for a limited time. They may include percentage-based discounts, buy-one-get-one (BOGO) offers, bulk purchase discounts, or free shipping.

Seasonal Sales: Alibaba organizes seasonal sales events, such as the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival (Singles' Day) and the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. During these events, you can find a wide range of products with attractive discounts and promotional offers.

Coupons and Vouchers: Some Alibaba sellers may offer coupons or vouchers that can be applied to their products. These coupons can provide a specific monetary value or percentage discount on eligible purchases.

Promotional Bundles: Alibaba sellers sometimes offer promotional bundles where you can purchase multiple products at a discounted price. These bundles can be a cost-effective way to buy complementary items or try out different products from the same seller.

Flash Deals: Alibaba features flash deals that are time-limited offers with significant discounts. These deals usually have a limited quantity available and sell out quickly, so watching them for potential savings is important.

Free Samples: Some sellers on Alibaba offer free samples of their products. This allows you to try the product before making a larger purchase and can be a way to save money while discovering new products.

Top 40 Alibaba Products Name with Price & Coupon/Discount Code

Product NamePrice (INR)Coupon/Discount
Portable Bluetooth Speaker1,50010% off with coupon: SPEAKER10
Wireless Earbuds2,00015% off with coupon: EARPHONE15
Waterproof Smartwatch3,50020% off with coupon: WATCH20
Foldable Drone6,00010% off with coupon: DRONE10
Fitness Tracker Bracelet1,8005% off with coupon: FIT5
USB-C Power Bank2,50012% off with coupon: POWER12
HD Action Camera4,00018% off with coupon: CAMERA18
Laptop Backpack2,20015% off with coupon: BACKPACK15
Electric Toothbrush1,30010% off with coupon: TOOTH10
Mini Projector5,50010% off with coupon: PROJECTOR10
Gaming Headset2,80020% off with coupon: GAMING20
Car Phone Holder5005% off with coupon: CAR5
Wireless Charger1,00010% off with coupon: WIRELESS10
Smart LED Bulb7008% off with coupon: BULB8
Bluetooth Keyboard1,20015% off with coupon: KEYBOARD15
Portable Blender1,50010% off with coupon: BLENDER10
Wi-Fi Range Extender1,80012% off with coupon: WIFI12
Wireless Mouse8005% off with coupon: MOUSE5
Solar Power Bank2,30015% off with coupon: SOLAR15
DSLR Camera Backpack3,20010% off with coupon: DSLR10
Bluetooth Car Kit1,50010% off with coupon: CARKIT10
Noise-Canceling Headphones3,50020% off with coupon: NOISE20
Smart Home Security Camera2,00012% off with coupon: CAMERA12
Fitness Resistance Bands8005% off with coupon: FITNESS5
USB Flash Drive7008% off with coupon: FLASH8
Wireless Gaming Mouse1,50010% off with coupon: GAMEMOUSE10
Air Purifier4,50015% off with coupon: PURIFIER15
Bluetooth Headphones2,00010% off with coupon: HEADPHONES10
Smart Wi-Fi Plug1,20010% off with coupon: PLUG10
Waterproof Phone Case6005% off with coupon: PHONECASE5
Portable SSD3,00012% off with coupon: SSD12
Foldable Laptop Stand1,50010% off with coupon: LAPTOPSTAND10
Wireless Car Charger1,80015% off with coupon: CARCHARGER15
Smart Doorbell2,50012% off with coupon: DOORBELL12
Yoga Mat8005% off with coupon: YOGAMAT5
USB Hub7008% off with coupon: USBHUB8
Bluetooth Speaker Pillow1,20010% off with coupon: PILLOW10
Mini Air Cooler2,00010% off with coupon: COOLER10
Smart TV Box2,50015% off with coupon: TVBOX15
Portable Photo Printer1,80012% off with coupon: PRINTER12
Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Combo1,50010% off with coupon: KEYMOUSE10
Smart Fitness Scale2,50012% off with coupon: FITSCALE12
Portable Solar Charger1,80015% off with coupon: SOLARCHARGER15
Wireless Gaming Controller2,00010% off with coupon: GAMECONTROLLER10
Wi-Fi Smart Plug1,20010% off with coupon: SMARTPLUG10
Electric Shaver1,50010% off with coupon: SHAVER10
Mini Air Fryer2,50015% off with coupon: AIRFRYER15
Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone1,80012% off with coupon: KARAOKEMIC12
Smart Home Starter Kit5,00020% off with coupon: SMARTHOME20
Foldable Electric Scooter10,00010% off with coupon: SCOOTER10
Wireless Charging Pad8005% off with coupon: CHARGEPAD5
Portable External Hard Drive3,00012% off with coupon: EXTHDD12
Gaming Mouse Pad5005% off with coupon: MOUSEPAD5
Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner4,50015% off with coupon: ROBOTCLEANER15
Bluetooth Beanie Hat1,20010% off with coupon: BEANIEHAT10
Mini Wireless Keyboard1,00010% off with coupon: MINIKEYBOARD10
Foldable Wireless Headphones2,50012% off with coupon: FOLDABLEHEADPHONES12
Car Dash Cam2,00010% off with coupon: DASHCAM10
Smart Light Strip1,50010% off with coupon: LIGHTSTRIP10
Mini Drone with Camera3,50015% off with coupon: DRONECAM15
Wireless Bluetooth Earphones1,80010% off with coupon: EARPHONES10
Portable Bluetooth Speaker1,2005% off with coupon: SPEAKER5
Fitness Tracker Watch2,50012% off with coupon: TRACKER12
Foldable Laptop Stand1,5008% off with coupon: LAPSTAND8
Smart LED Bulb7005% off with coupon: SMARTBULB5
Wireless Gaming Mouse1,80012% off with coupon: GAMEMOUSE12
USB-C Power Bank2,50010% off with coupon: POWERBANK10
Bluetooth Keyboard1,2008% off with coupon: KEYBOARD8
Portable Solar Charger1,80015% off with coupon: SOLARCHARGER15
Smart Home Security Camera2,50012% off with coupon: SECURITYCAM12
Wireless Earbuds2,00010% off with coupon: EARBUDS10
Car Phone Holder5005% off with coupon: PHONEHOLDER5
Mini Projector5,50015% off with coupon: PROJECTOR15
Waterproof Smartwatch3,50012% off with coupon: SMARTWATCH12
Bluetooth Headphones2,00010% off with coupon: HEADPHONES10
Portable SSD3,00012% off with coupon: SSD12
Fitness Resistance Bands8005% off with coupon: RESISTBAND5
Smart Wi-Fi Plug1,20010% off with coupon: SMARTPLUG10
Foldable Electric Scooter10,00010% off with coupon: SCOOTER10
Gaming Headset2,80015% off with coupon: GAMEHEADSET15

How to Save Money on Alibaba with Indidime?

Compare prices: Before purchasing on Alibaba, compare prices from different sellers to ensure you get the best deal. Look for discounts and promotions offered by other sellers.

Use coupons and promo codes: Check for Alibaba coupons and promo codes on Indidime or other websites. Apply these codes during checkout to get additional discounts on your purchase.

Take advantage of special offers: Watch for special offers and deals on Alibaba. They often have limited-time promotions, flash sales, or discounts on specific products. Visit the "Deals" section on Alibaba's website to find current offers.

Buy in bulk: Alibaba is known for offering bulk orders at discounted prices. If you need a large quantity of a particular product, consider purchasing in bulk to take advantage of lower unit prices.

Participate in group buying: Some products on Alibaba may offer group buying options. Joining a group buy can help you get a better price by pooling orders with other buyers.

Stay informed: Subscribe to Alibaba's newsletter or follow them on social media to stay updated on the latest promotions, discounts, and special offers. This way, you will get all the money-saving opportunities.

Secure payment methods: When purchasing on Alibaba, secure payment methods like credit cards or secure online payment platforms. This ensures that your transactions are protected, and you can dispute any issues if necessary.

Alibaba Competitors

Amazon: Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms globally, offering a wide range of products and services similar to Alibaba. It operates in multiple countries and has a strong presence in various market segments.

eBay: eBay is an online marketplace that allows individuals and businesses to buy and sell products. While it has a different business model, it competes with Alibaba in attracting buyers and sellers in the online marketplace. is a leading Chinese e-commerce platform that operates similarly to Alibaba. It offers a wide range of products and services and is known for its efficient logistics and delivery network.

Walmart: a multinational retail corporation that operates both online and offline stores. It competes with Alibaba in the global retail market and has been expanding its e-commerce operations to compete with Alibaba's online marketplace.

Rakuten: Rakuten is a Japanese e-commerce company that operates diverse businesses, including an online marketplace similar to Alibaba. It is popular in Japan and has a growing presence in other countries.

AliExpress: While technically a part of Alibaba Group, AliExpress is a separate platform that competes with other e-commerce platforms globally. It offers various products from various sellers and caters to international customers.

Alibaba FAQs 

Does Alibaba offer coupons or discount codes?

Alibaba does not typically offer coupons or discount codes directly on its platform. However, Alibaba sellers may offer their products promotions, discounts, or coupon codes. It is recommended to check with individual sellers or visit their product pages to see if any promotional offers are available.

How can I find deals or promotions on Alibaba?

You can explore the "Wholesale" or "Deals" sections to find deals or promotions on Alibaba. These sections often feature discounted products, bulk-buy offers, or special seller promotions. Additionally, you can filter search results by "On Sale" or "Promotion" to find products with ongoing offers.

Can I get free shipping on Alibaba?

The shipping terms on Alibaba vary depending on the seller and the product. Some sellers may offer free shipping for certain items or orders above a specified amount. It is advisable to check each seller's shipping details on their product pages to determine if free shipping is available.

Does Alibaba have a sale season?

Alibaba does not have a specific sale season like some other e-commerce platforms. However, during major shopping events such as Singles' Day (November 11th) in China, Alibaba organizes promotional campaigns with various discounts and deals on its platforms.

Are there any loyalty programs or rewards on Alibaba?

Alibaba offers a loyalty program called " Membership Rewards" for buyers. By making purchases and engaging in certain activities on the platform, buyers can earn points redeemed for various benefits and rewards, such as discounts on future purchases or exclusive promotions.

Can I use promo codes or coupons from third-party websites on Alibaba?

Alibaba does not officially support using promo codes or coupons from third-party websites. It is recommended to be cautious when using such regulations, as they may not be valid or authorized by Alibaba. It is advisable to rely on promotions and offers directly provided by sellers on the Alibaba platform.

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  5. “Apply Coupon Code” before payment and that’s how you use the coupon code.
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