How to Get Canva Pro for Free: A Guide for Students and Teachers

Canva is an online graphic design platform that offers a wide range of design tools, templates, and stock photos. It’s popular among freelancers, business owners, graphic designers, social media managers, and content creators. However, the premium version, Canva Pro, offers additional features that can be quite helpful for students and teachers, especially those in graphic design.

This article shows you How to Get Canva Pro for Free and its features.

Types of Canva Account and Features

Before we dive into getting Canva Pro for free, let’s look at the types of Canva accounts and their features.

Three types of Canva accounts are available: Canva Basic, Canva Pro, and Canva Enterprise. The basic version is free and has limited features, while the Canva Pro version offers all the unlocked features for around $120 per year.

  1. Resize: This feature allows you to resize your designs with just one click. It’s a great tool for content creators making posts and videos for various social media platforms.
  2. Background Remover: This feature allows you to remove the background of any picture, which you can then use as a logo or in other ways. It’s a handy tool, especially if you’re working in the social media industry.
  3. 100 GB Storage Space: Canva Pro offers 100 GB of cloud storage space to upload pictures, videos, and elements to your account. This makes it easy to edit your images and videos at your convenience.
  4. Schedule Your Posts: With Canva Pro, you can schedule your posts for social media platforms in advance.
  5. Collaborate with Your Team: Canva Pro allows you to invite team members to work on your account and access all premium features.

How to Get Canva Pro for Free

Now, let’s get to the main topic – how to get Canva Pro for free. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to and sign up for a new account.

Step 2: Select the “Education” option when prompted to choose your type of account.

Step 3: Provide proof of your status as a student or teacher. This could be a school ID, transcript, or any other document that shows you’re a student or teacher.

Step 4: Wait for Canva to verify your status. Once verified, you’ll receive an email with instructions on activating your Canva Pro account.


Canva Pro is a great tool for students and teachers who want to create professional-looking graphics and designs. With its additional features, you can take your designs to the next level. Following the steps outlined above, you can get Canva Pro for free and create amazing designs.

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